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Technical & Fundamental Trading

How we can help with technical & fundamental trading

Be on top of your game

There are different ways how to trade, thousands of indicators, strategies, news releases, opinions. So how does a trader stay focused and doesn’t get lost in enormous amount of information that is out there? It’s difficult, but we can help you with that. Our experienced trader and coach, Taimur Khan, can help you define the right edge, gain confidence or give you the right tools to develop your own strategy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice trader or a professional. Trading is about development, improving your skills and seeing what others don’t see. The reason why so many traders fail is not their inability to trade, but their resistance to admit there is something more to learn.

What trader are you?

Major styles of trading:

  • Scalping:
    Scalpers make many trades per day focusing on scalping small profits. The number of traders placed can go even to hundreds. It a very time and energy consuming technic, so anyone attempting to become a scalper should be emotionally and physically fit not to fall into a trap of placing revenge traders or  letting losses run too high. Discipline is a key. Scalpers can achieve big profits, but also big losses.
  • Momentum Trading:
    Momentum traders wait for a significant move to ride the ‘momentum wave’. They can be in a trade from a couple of minutes up to a whole day to maximise the profits the move they entered offers. In competence to scalping, momentum trading gives trader more time to think and analyse the potential opportunities.
  • Technical Trading:
    Technical traders know their charts inside out and price action is their best friend. They might use standard indicators or develop their own strategies in search for signs of convergence or divergence. Many inexperienced traders fall into a trap of depending too much on many indicators which can take their edge and confidence away when indicators that worked one week suddenly stop working .
  • Fundamental Trading:
    Fundamental traders focus on data releases of different sort depending on what instrument they trade. Knowledge of economics and what moves the markets is important so fundamental trading is a bit more complex. Fundamental traders very often use also some strategies from technical trading.
  • Swing Trading:
    Swing traders are fundamental traders who hold their positions for more than one day. It’s a trategy that is ideal for traders who don’t trade full time.