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Psychology of Trading

Acquire the best trading mindset


What is Psychology of Trading?

Psychology of trading is about that extra edge you need to succeed in the markets today. Basically having certain skills, understanding of fundamental and knowledge of markets is just not enough.  Yes, it is important to be able to identify trends or understand fundaments, but above all that the right mindset, emotional control and proper discipline are possibly the most important attributes of successful traders. Essentially having the right mindset to stop you making those silly mistakes.

What Is Right Trading Mindset?

While trading you need to make quick decisions, be present, calculate, evaluate and make choices that multiply our account. Without right psychology of trading you can be exposed to trading errors, doing  things you know you shouldn’t do, you lose focus, you revert to old behaviours and Emotions; becoming your own worst enemy and mistakes that can be costly. 

Like all things human, we all have own individual personalities and therefore emotional mastery for one person might mean completely different thing to another. Therefore our work with clients is customised to their individual personally and issues, as there is no one size fits all.

It does not matter if you trade for years or if you are just starting. You know that there is always space for improvement.

How does it Work?

We will discuss how you trade to understand your ‘edge’. We will identify if there are any limitations coming from your relationship to money, your relationship to markets or your belief in yourself as a successful trader. All we need from you is a willingness to adjust your ways of trading and commitment to apply what we discuss within our sessions in your trading.

You see, in simple terms, we all have our internal programs, like those fancy indicators on MT4, that not only effect how we live, think but surprisingly what and how we do things in every day life. These programs are built over a life span, some are new and most and most strongest ones are the well aged and settled programs. We utilise your good programs and resources that are present within you. By using modern NLP, coaching and hypnosis to make these stick and work in your best interest, not just when you are trading but in every day life.

Essentially we will not teach you how to trade, we will teach you how to be a Trader.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Number of sessions are based on your individual needs and will depend on level of improvement you wish to achieve.

Our work is to fine tune your mind to move you to a new level of awareness and understanding; reprogramming your minds neural pathways to utilise knowledge, resources and emotional states when trading.

We recommend minimum of four sessions with a gap of two to three weeks. This will reinforce the learnings, and give us enough time to evaluate your progress that you have made, improving your psychology of trading.

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