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Trading in theory is easy but for many it is the most difficult thing they have ever done. It is not a surprise that 95% of traders loose their whole account within first year of trading.

We believe traders mindset is far off from everyday way of thinking. There are so many factors that affect a trader, your personal life, relationships and career can influence your day to day trading.


Traders are not born but made

We help you find the balance between your trading and personal life, giving you the tools to enhance your psychology of trading and trading techniques.

Psychology of Trading


It does not matter what you trade and how you trade, what matters is your psychology of trading.

Trading psychology is extremely important, as a trader you are making critical decision to accomplish your goals. Having certain presence of mind, discipline is essential to establish trading plans.

We train your mind to be present, focused and utilise existing resources within you. Every trader trades differently, that is why not one approach works for everyone. At EM4T our coaching is designed for you based on your model of the world.

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7 Trading Sins


Greed, Perfectionism, Fear, Pride, Anger, Impatience, Recklessness… do any of these resonate with you?

These 7 Trading Sins can be deadly for your trading account. Together we  identify which ones you are guilty of and help you deal with them.

Many will tell you that knowing your trading mistakes leads to resolving them. This is not true, we assist you in finding the core that lies under the think layer of your subconscious, devise coaching strategies that help you overcome them, for good.

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Technical & Fundamental


When you are new to trading  you can get overwhelmed by all the information, indicators, techniques, opinions, and get lost within all the the noise. We can help you identify what kind of trader you are and strip down any unnecessary processes or habit you’ve learnt while working towards being a successful trader.

Even as a seasonal trader, there are always things to fine tune and improve. We can help you to step outside your box and guide you through any goal you have.

Being a confident and independent trader is key to success, and that’s exactly what we will focus on.

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Say hello to new you in control.


NLP, Coaching, Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Dita-Peskova-NLP-Coach-Cognitive-Hypnotherapy-traders Dita is a personal coach, NLP practitioner, and qualified cognitive hypnotherapist. She has extensive experience working with clients suffering from anxieties, fears and phobias.

Researching techniques from different therapeutic fields such as CBT, EMI and TA. She developed unique approach by tailoring her therapy and coaching to fit the needs of each individual client.

Before embarking on a journey of a therapist, Dita worked in TV and Film industry, helping companies with managing their accounts and staff performance.

She runs her practice from Harley Street, Barbican and Ealing London.

Dita is an active trader mainly trading forex.


NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy


Taimur is a NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist. He received his Neuro Linguistic Programming  training from the founder of NLP Richard Bandler.

To name few of his previous achievements, he has founded businesses driving them from zero to multimillion turnover, exited businesses, is part qualified CIMA, holds a degree in commerce, has received various nominations and awards in UK Media industry for his film collaborations and has been published in Financial Times and Guardian.

His main focus is inspiring, coaching and motivating others to achieve success. He believes that we can all change, re-program ourselves and overcome the obstacles presented by our mind.

Taimur is an avid trader of Forex and loves flying planes.

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What is free consultation?

We are all individuals and therefore not one solution fits all.  Free consultation normally lasts 30 min, during this time we will go over various areas of your objectives, trading styles, what you wish to achieve.  As well as answering any questions you might have. We than go back to the drawing board and work out the best plan of action for you, based on your personality and resources.

Do you share my details with 3rd parties?

Absolutely NOT! We are registered practitioners and abide by EU data protection regulations besides various professional bodies that govern us. All communications and sessions are protected by client therapist privileges as well as EU data protection laws.